Robert Hyde

Vice President, Payment Services at Payment Source

I managed Amir during his time at Payment Source as a Product Manager. Amir has strengths in developing and maintaining relationships with our external partners. In particular, he worked very well with Amazon as we launched and supported growth of the Amazon Cash product in Canada. He sets regular check-ins with the partners and effectively organized and managed the action items and outcomes of those meetings. In addition, Amir was vested in improving the business and how the team interacted. He was quick to suggest new ideas on the process and how we worked collectively, including work to build out a Go-To-Market strategy for new partner implementations. He also participated in the forecasting process. Finally, Amir has a good sense of design and user experience and was often called upon to build PowerPoint communications that could be used with the sales or customer service training.


Brent Garvey

Director Program Management Office at CBRE

As the youngest member on our Employee Advisory Council, Amir brought great creativity and energy to our group. He played a pivotal role on the communications team, and was a creative force behind the development and execution of our capstone event proposal. His diverse skills and natural ability to draw the attention of audiences such as our senior leadership team was a great asset to our team. Amir is mature beyond his years and he presents his ideas and knowledge in a group environment with poise while taking into account the perspective of others and respecting their views. His sense of duty, energy, creativity and diverse skill-set will be missed. Thank you Amir. 


Kayla Janjic

Senior Project Manager at BGIS

Amir can be described as efficient, energetic, & positive. I had the pleasure of working with Amir during his time at CBRE Limited. We collaborated in the delivery of a multitude of corporate real estate projects for the client. He delivered his responsibilities with accuracy and often exceeded expectations. He is dedicated to his team members and exudes a positive attitude & strong work ethic. Amir is a pleasure to work with, and I can thoroughly recommend him.