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My focus over the last 5 years has been a mixture of product management, B2B relationship management, and consultative selling to large firms.

Below is a glance at some of the products that I’ve had the pleasure to launch, iterate, and manage with alongside some very talented people!





Amazon CASH: Making E-Commerce Inclusive.

Amazon Cash enables shoppers to use cash or debit to make online purchases. Leveraging QR code and real-time reload technology, customer can loads their digital wallets at over 13,000+ locations nationwide.

  • Objective: Make shopping at Amazon Canada, inclusive to all.

  • Solution: Enable Amazon customers the ability to load their wallets using cash or debit at familiar retail chains nationwide.

  • Technology: Barcode & real-time reload using mobile phone number.

Amazon approached us to help them make the shopping experience in their ecosystem inclusive, by enabling their customers to use cash and debit to make online purchases.


1 - Led the launch and retail expansion of Amazon Cash, making the product available in over 13,000 retail locations nationwide.

2 - Tripled the transaction volume within 8 months through execution of multiple promotional and marketing campaigns.


HPIbet: INSTANTANEOUS redemption of winnings.

HPIbet (Woodbine Entertainment Group) is Canada’s premier horse race betting platform, giving Canadians access to over 450 racetracks worldwide.

  • Objective: Improve customer experience by eliminating the delay to funds.

  • Solution: Integrate an E-Gift card engine into HPIbet’s platform enable instantaneous redemption of winnings.

  • Outcome: Accelerated the flow of funds, while generating net new revenue through sub-distributor commissions.

HPIbet’s main objective was to reduce the 3-5 day wait time for EFT transfer into customer’s bank accounts. Using this E-Gift card solution, we made redemption instant while generating a new revenue stream.


1 - Enabled HPIbet’s customers to de-load winnings in real-time, resulting in a new revenue stream.

2 - Advanced and further evolved the relationship with the partner.



ChangeJar enables instantaneous digitization of in-person cash payments quickly and seamlessly at the point of sale.

For Amazon

  • Objective: Access to new markets/increased footprint. Seamless cash digitization into e-commerce.

  • Solution: Provide an outward mechanism from ChangeJar digital wallet to the Amazon Cash wallet.

  • Technology: Leveraged real-time reload to debit one wallet and credit the other instantaneously.

ChangeJar Customer Journey

  1. Customer: Customer walks into participating retailer looking to make an everyday purchase.

  2. Point of sale: Customer takes items to POS and makes cash purchase.

  3. Payment: Customer pays for goods, and has the option to defer the change to their ChangeJar Wallet.

  4. Customer scans their QR code at POS and funds are immediately loaded into their wallet.

Paysimply_Usecase.jpg paying taxes made simple.

PaySimply is a simple and secure way for Canadians to pay their taxes online or in-person.

For Intuit

  • Objective: Enabling Turboxtax customers the choice of paying their taxes instantly online, via credit card, PayPal or in-person at Canada Post.

  • Solution: Integrate at the point of checkout, providing choice for the customer and reducing abandonment.

Intuit’s main objective was to improve their customer experience by providing a payment solution that is not only simple but also inclusive when it comes to paying taxes.


1 - Reduced cart abandonment for taxes payable customers.

2 - Net-new revenue through collection of fees for online tax payments.



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